interactive wall installation


I am seeking a dynamic balance between the real world we live in and the world that may exist within an image. To invent spatially beyond a conventional pictorial format I have been developing the integration of digital content in artworks incorporating interactive Retro-reflective Projection Technology and real time/time delayed video installations.

This interactive wall installation  was exhibited in the Hybrid Ego exhibition as part of the 2008 Ars Electronica festival in Linz and integrates digital content with pictorial form. I combined 2 layers of moving imagery and enabled the image seen to be interacted with directly by the viewer, a process achieved with the use of digital and and projection technologies.

A more detailed description of this and related artworks can be found here. 


IWI 2008 Image with text 1.jpg

Assembling the artwork involved collaboration with Tachi Lab (Tokyo), a process that began while I was creating the original design and resulted in the final installation. 

IWI 2008 Image with text 3.JPG

The interactive artwork was designed to span a wall and incorporated three layers of reading with two layers of projection. A first layer of projection reveals more detail about its spatial composition and how this was conceived at the drawing stage. 

IWI 2008 Image with text 5.jpg

The installation encouraged active audience engagement with the artwork conceived to be viewed both with and without the projections.

IWI 2008 Image with text 2.jpg

The RPT projection technology was provided by Tachi Lab and adapted to the specifications I required to create the artwork.

IWI 2008 Image with text 4.jpg

A motion sensor attached to the front of the projector records the silhouette of people walking in front of the artwork and this causes a second layer of video projection to be revealed beneath the first layer.. This second layer could be a real-time video capture of the view behind the wall rendering it seemingly transparent.