Aisho Arts, Tokyo, 24 March - 19 April 2009

IDENTITY NATHAN COHEN WALL INSTALLATION - AISHO MIURA ARTS 2009 show this image at top of webpage.jpg

In 2009 I co-curated an exhibition with the director of the Aisho Miura Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, with each of us selecting 6 artists whose work address in different ways the theme of Identity. Of the artists resident in the UK these included Caroline de Lannoy, Rana Begum, Adrian Barron, Eleanor Crooke, Reiko Kubota and Nathan Cohen. The artists from Japan were Dona, Tomohiro Kato, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Ushio Sekiguchi, Kumiko Tamura and Kazuki Umezawa.

The gallery was formerly a house which was converted by Aisho Miura to provide a space for creating and exhibiting artwork. It provided a novel space that could accommodate a range of work of varying scale, and this exhibition was presented in 2 parts with a mixed selection of Japanese and UK artists in each show.

In this show I exhibited 2 artworks - a wall installation where the artwork is painted directly onto the wall in proportions relative to the space within which it was located such that, when viewed from a particular perspective, the artwork appeared to float in space; and a smaller painted construction that explored the interplay between the surfaces of the artwork rendered in black, white and grey, shadow and the wall.

The exhibition was supported by the British Council.

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Identity Nathan Cohen painting Wall Construction II 2009.jpg

The installation was drawn directly onto the gallery wall.

IDENTITY Nathan Cohen 'Chequered Form' 2007.jpg

A small flat wall construction was also included in the exhibition, with the black, white and grey surfaces suggesting an articulated space further enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow.

Identity Nathan Cohen Wall Construction II - Reiko Kubota assisting 2009.jpg

Painted in black and brilliant white this established a dynamic tonal contrast with the light and shadow of the white wall surfaces.